January 26, 2009   |   Clients, Photographers

All photographers have mentors. I have blog mentors. Photographs I admire from a distance. Photographers whose blogs I read obsessively. Photographers I aspire to be like.

Melissa Jill is definitely one of my top 3 favorites wedding and lifestyle photographers. I have been following her blog for a couple of years. She always has great advice.

Today, she posted an awesome post about planning the timing of your wedding. The reality is, if clients want the best photographs, they have to consider photography in planning their event.

You should head over to her blog and check it out: Melissa Jill’s blog.

What can happen if you see each other before the ceremony (courtesy of Melissa Jill):


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January 25, 2009   |   wedding

Yesterday, I drove out near O’hare to celebrate the wedding of Jessi and Dave. They are such a sweet couple. Since it was one of the coldest weekend of the year, we decided to stay inside the hotel for all of the photos. The staff at the hotel let us take over the lobby for family portraits after the ceremony. Here are some photos from the day:


The beautiful bride:

I LOVED this bouquet:

A detail from the groom:


The groom has 3 sisters! This was their idea:

The happy couple:

And finally, this sweet shot from the reception. These two were dancing for hours. Gotta love the look on her face:

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January 22, 2009   |   personal, Photographers

Someone. Get. Me. Away. From. Amazon.

Well, I finally took the plunge and bought the new camera I’ve been eyeing. And, of course, I had to buy all kinds of camera-y accessories to go with it. Though, I have to tell you, I am most excited about on particular thing.

For months, I’ve been lusting over this Jill.e leather camera bag:


It is far superior to the Canon backpack I usually carry. So, what’d I do? I just bought it! Apparently shopping begets shopping. One large purchase leading to another. Help!

If you see me carrying it at an upcoming shoot, you should tell me how cute it is. That will make me feel a little better about the splurge.

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