March 27, 2009   |   personal

It is our last night in Rosemary Beach. I’m sitting in our beach house with the windows wide open smelling the ocean and the rain and… the rosemary! Yep, that’s right. Rosemary Beach is named for the wild rosemary bushes that grow all over the town.

In fact, there are all sorts of yummy things growing all over this place. There is so much green and blue–earth and water–that I feel like I’ve been staying in a huge, outdoor spa.

See what I mean:

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March 26, 2009   |   personal

Tomorrow is our last day at Rosemary Beach and I couldn’t be more sad about it. If it weren’t for all of our furries waiting on us, I’d be plain ‘ole depressed to be heading back to “real life.”

Today was stormy and lazy. Then, all of the sudden, the skies cleared long enough for us to walk around, stick our toes in the sand and take some photographs. You see, I’ve been holding off on “real” photos all week. In fact, this is the longest I’ve ever gone on a vacation without breaking out the big guy–my 5d. Sona got me a point-and-shoot this last Christmas and I promised myself that I would stop living life through a camera lens. So, all week, I’ve been a typical tourist: taking mediocre photos with a pocket-sized camera and never once missing a memory to get the perfect snapshot. Of course, this was all done with the promise that, at the end of the week, I could dedicate a few hours to a photo walking tour.

Here are some of my shots from this afternoon. How could you not want to stay here forever?

Rosemary is know for being very European:

Our home for the week:

March 22, 2009   |   personal

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