June 30, 2009   |   baby, family

I know you remember this cutie from her itty bitty shoot a few months ago. I have the pleasure of documenting Caroline’s whole first year. So, you’ll be seeing her again! Since she is a little older and, since it is not snowing, we decided to do most of the shoot outdoors. Though Caroline was a little preoccupied by the wonders that are sky and sun (who can blame her?), we managed to get some great shots.

Here are some teasers:

The. Perfect. Pout.

I LOVE this photo of Caroline and her mom:

After nearly an hour, Caroline wasn’t as amused by my camera. So, we put her in her bouncy chair. She went NUTS.

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June 28, 2009   |   wedding

Yesterday, I shot Maayan and Dave’s wedding. I was with Maayan from the minute she walked into the salon until she kicked off her shoes and danced in her sandals on Salvatore’s dance floor. These two have been a favorite couple of mine for a while and I couldn’t wait to be a part of their big day.

This was Maayan right after she saw the bouquets. She got giddy and “overwhelmed.”


They chose to do a first look:

Dave’s first time seeing his bride:

I really, really adore this shot of Maayan and her family. This was one of those that I caught right before I took the actual photo and look at the way her dad is looking at his family with such pride.

Right after the ketubah signing:

June 23, 2009   |   Clients, wedding

***I am now completely BOOKED for 2010! While I will still be booking portrait sessions, I will not be taking on any additional weddings or events.***

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