December 28, 2009   |   Boudoir, Clients

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I’ve been taking a much-needed break and it has been wonderful enjoying my family, snow and good holiday fun!

Sometimes, as soon as one holiday ends, it is time to start thinking about another. This is why I’m putting out feelers for a mid-January boudoir session. I haven’t set a date yet; I wanted to see if anyone is interested, first.

If you think you’d be interested in doing a boudoir session as a gift for your sweetie, please let me know:

Happy New Year, everyone!

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December 19, 2009   |   personal

Every year around this time, we get together with our best friends for a holiday photoshoot. Our goal: a card-worthy photograph that didn’t require my holding a camera out in front of our faces. This year, we had all taken a weekend trip to Galena and thought it the perfect opportunity for our shoot. Have you ever been to Galena? It’s beautiful! And the town is full of so much color. Here are some favorites from the shoot.

December 10, 2009   |   children, family

When I first photograph Caroline, she looked like this:

Today, I photographed Caroline looking like this:

Since it is in the single digits outside, we met at Garfield Conservatory for a shoot in tropical climates. Caroline was such a trooper! And even though she gave us a run for our money–little ones never like to make it easy on us–we managed to get some great shots. It has been so fun to watch her grow!

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