September 26, 2010   |   children, family

This weekend, I photographed a beautiful family in celebration of a very special birthday: Nonna turned 90! I was contacted by Alyssa. She is Nonna’s granddaughter in-law, and I’ve shot her family as part of the Holiday Shopping Festival for Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School. We shot in the family’s backyard and couldn’t have asked for better lighting. It was a beautiful fall day. I hope they always look back on these pictures and remember it.

They had a bag of leaves set aside. Made for some fun pictures!

Love Nonna’s face in this shot. Pure joy!

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September 19, 2010   |   wedding

This past weekend, I shot Jenn and Steve’s wedding in Plainfield, IL. As I was driving to Jenn’s house for a few quick shots of her getting ready, I couldn’t help but notice how dark the sky was. It was raining, and it was raining badly. I kept my fingers crossed all morning and hoped that–when we were ready to do portraits–the rain would stop. We went to the church. We started the ceremony. Jenn and Steve got married. Then we all came outside to a clear sky. It was perfect! We walked around downtown Plainfield and took photos near cute storefronts and alleyways. It was the perfect location for a photoshoot. There was lots of color, texture and variety. I love the portraits we got, and I’m so happy that Jenn and Steve were able to get some rainless photos. They’re an amazingly sweet couple; they totally deserve it. Here are some shots from their big day.

Jenn had this necklace made just for her day. I loved it!

She was a BEAUTIFUL bride.

Here are some shots from the ceremony. I haven’t used a flash for the past five ceremonies that I’ve shot. I much prefer this way of shooting, and I’m really happy with the ISO performance of my 5DMKII.

I did a little dance when I saw this blue tiled storefront.

This bakery was pretty sweet, too. (Pun intended.)

Their bridal party was AWESOME. They braved a very damp alley for this photo. I’m SO glad they did.

These two are so in love. Can’t you tell?

I was shooting Steve’s dance with his mom when a light highlighted something out of the corner of my eye. It was Jenn. She was sitting by herself, and she was watching her new husband with tears in her eyes. It was the perfect moment.

September 17, 2010   |   Boudoir

Yes–it’s true. Boudoir marathons are a giant PAIN to organize. Honestly, they are a complete headache. I’m coordinating several different schedules, working with a hotel, make-up artists and hair stylists and–to top it off–they’re really not that profitable. However, I keep doing them. I think that’s because I feel so dang good when they are over. There is nothing more powerful than being surrounded by women–all kinds of women–and helping them feel like they are total rock stars. I live for that moment when I show a client a photo on the back of my camera and they say, “Damn! I look good!”

Here are some shots from my most recent boudoir marathon at the Trump hotel in downtown Chicago. My girls were kind enough to let me show you these photos. (And, really, why wouldn’t they want to share them? They all look FABULOUS.)

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