January 28, 2011   |   Boudoir

After posting some photos from my last boudoir marathon, I got several emails from girls asking for another marathon in early spring. Ask and you shall receive!

My next Chicago boudoir marathon will be in April, and it will be my last marathon until October. There are already a couple spots booked. So, if you’re interested, let me know ASAP. Can’t wait to work with another group of gals!

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January 24, 2011   |   Boudoir

I’ve said it before and I’ll said it time and time again: boudoir shoots are a blast! What’s better than a bunch of girls hanging out in a fabulous downtown suite, sipping mimosas, eating (maybe one too many) pretzel M&M’s, and getting their hair & make-up done? Not much. I’ve worked with some amazing boudoir clients these past few months, and several of them were kind enough to let me share their photos on my blog.

I hope you enjoy these teasers. Though, they probably are THFW (too hot for work)! Thanks, also, to the wonderful Sonia Roselli team for doing hair & make-up!

I’ve already had girls inquire about an April marathon. If you think you’d be interested, shoot me an email.

January 16, 2011   |   personal, Photographers

This time of year, things really slow down for me. School is out and wedding season is over, and I usually get a couple of weeks to just enjoy life. Last week, we snuck away to Key West, FL. I’d never been to Key West, but we had an amazing time exploring the 4×1 mile island.

Of course, escaping Chicago’s winter and spending some time in the sun is never a bad thing. However, Key West has such a personality. We fell in love with every part of it: the roosters that run wild all over the place, blue ocean in every direction, more palm trees than you could count and, of course, key lime pie (we may or may not have eaten it every single day).

I hope you enjoy looking through some of these photos from our trip. As I’ve mentioned before, traveling really allows me to shoot photographs; it reminds me why I love carrying a camera with me all the time.

Some of these images will be available for sale in my fine art gallery!

Key West has some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Of course, there is also plenty of tourist-driven fun.

Roosters were all over the place. Seriously. You couldn’t leave the house without seeing several of them.

And then there were the cats. Oh, you guys know me and animals. Most of Key West’s cats are “Hemingway cats” and they have–wait for it–SIX toes!

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