June 26, 2011   |   wedding

Farrah and Gabe were married in the ‘burbs. They had their ceremony at St. Alexander’s Church in Villa Park, their reception at White Pines Golf Club in Bensenville, and we did their portraits at Morton Arboretum in Lisle. Needless to say, there was a good bit of running around. However, Farrah was smart enough to craft a timeline that allowed plenty of wiggle room. So, they were stress-free all day! Roomy timelines are a dream.

These two are just so kind. I say that about a lot of my clients, and I’m lucky to work with some of the nicest couples around. But really, these two are just good people. And Farrah is a teacher, which makes me love her even more. This day, however, she was a bride. A glowing, beautiful and blissful bride. And Gabe is now her husband. So happy to have been able to catch some of that! Enjoy these sneak peeks.

This was the first time I’ve been asked to “consult an engineer” before hanging a dress. Worth the shot though, right?

The bridesmaids were all “tres chic!”

Make-up took a little longer than expected, and–as a result–Farrah got dressed in 3 minutes flat. This is a girl who knows how to throw a dress on.

Love how Farrah’s sash looks in the ceremony photos.


Morton Arboretum was so GREEN. Perfect for portraits.

Farrah, you are BEAUTIFUL.


They had a cupcake bar at the reception (from Sweet Mandy B’s)!

And plenty of dancing.

My very last photo of the night. So happy to be married.

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June 24, 2011   |   baby, children, family

This morning, I drove out to La Grange for my 5th family portrait session with this lovely family. I photographed Emerson’s first few years, and I’m now photographing her baby sister’s first year.

We got to do most of the session outside. The rain held out, and we ended up having great light! I love how casual and colorful these photos are. When you have a 4-year-old and a baby, you have to just roll with the punches. Luckily, Shauna and Mark and perfect photo parents, and they always choose to keep things stress-free.

Here are some sneak peeks! When we next see Marlowe, I know she’ll be crawling (uh oh)!

Love this one.

Baby bums. Anything cuter? Don’t think so.

I can’t believe I’ve been photographing Emerson since she was an itty bitty! Now she’s 4 going on 20.

SO adorable.

Each time I photograph them, Shauna and Mark make sure to set aside  a few minutes for just the two of them. So important.

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June 20, 2011   |   wedding

I’m a photographer and, because I’m a photographer, I tend to have a pretty myopic view of weddings. For me, everything is about the pictures. You’re going to have a live mariachi band? What does that mean for photos? Grandma Sally is wearing lime green? Photos. You want to wear a 1950’s style beehive? Photos. You get the idea.

So, when I found out that Angie and Ben’s wedding–which I shot last Saturday at the W City Center–was going to be dark, dark, dark, I was a little worried. Getting ready room? Dark. First look location? Dark. Ceremony location? Really dark. And, to top it off, we only were doing 10-15 minutes of portraits (on a day when it was supposed to thunderstorm). I was right in the middle of my own little photographer’s pity party when I realized something important: this day wasn’t about me, it was about Angie and Ben. My job was to show up and do my best with their day, their dream. And that’s what I did.

And the truth is, though these photos are very different from my usual aesthetic, I love how Angie and Ben’s wonderfully quirky personalities are represented in these pictures.

I also want to give a special shout-out to a couple of wonderful vendors that made the day such a success: Heather from Greatest Expectations and Ken from Poetic Productions!

Guys’ shoes don’t get much love on blogs, but Ben’s deserved some attention.

They did a first look before in the hotel lobby. Love these!

We walked around the area right outside of the hotel for a quick portrait session. This is my favorite (and it wasn’t even staged). They both look totally thrilled to be marrying one another.

Right before the ceremony, we snapped a few more shots in their hotel room. Angie was in love with these faces, and we wanted to incorporate the graphic into some of their portraits.

Totally fun! And something that’s completely out of my norm.

A couple shots from the ceremony. (Shot at 2500 ISO, for all you photogs out there.)

The reception decor was beautiful, metallic and romantic. All the gorgeous florals were done by Fleur.

I hope Angie doesn’t hate me, but how could I NOT post this photo from their introduction? (Andrew WK was playing, btw. Obviously, Ben was excited about it.)

Don’t worry. We transitioned straight from that into some folk dancing.

And, finally some late night cigar smoking.

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