December 30, 2011   |   tips, wedding

A few days ago, I posted my favorite engagement shots of 2011, and now I’m moving on to weddings! Like I’ve already said again and again, my 2011 couples were AHHHMMMAAZING. Let’s be honest, a wedding day is a once in a lifetime thing, and that can cause a lot of stress. That stress sometimes manifests itself into not-so-nice behaviors. However, I can honestly say that I adore every single couple from this year. Everyone trusted me. Everyone treated me wonderfully. Everyone enjoyed their wedding day and had smiles on their faces. It was definitely my best year yet.

So, with this post, I’m offering a contest as a way to thank one of my lucky couples. You’ll notice that I chose to include only portraits here, and there’s a reason for that: someone will win a 20×24 mounted canvas print of one of these images! Here’s how you can win:

1. The bride and groom must comment on this post and tell us what their favorite photo is and why.

2. I will be uploading these photos to an album onĀ my Facebook fan page. The single photo with the most “likes” by Friday, January 6 at midnight will win. Let’s go over this: it is not a TOTAL of likes among all 3 of a couple’s photos, it is the ONE photo with the most likes that will be the winner. *

*If the winning photo has two side-by-side vertical images, the couple will have two options: print one of the photos in a 20×24 canvas or print both photos on two 10×12 canvases.

Good luck! Here are the entries:

Corie & Joe

Lana & Jon

Courtney & Erik

Lindsay & Anu

Morgan & Brian

Angie & Ben

Farrah & Gabe

Ellen & Tyler

Katie & Dan

Meredith & Brian

Ashley & Sunil

Sarah & Neil

Erica & Josh

Dalia & Ryan

December 27, 2011   |   engagement, wedding

For most wedding photographers, there are two seasons: shooting season and booking season. Right now, we are right smack in the middle of booking season! Couples are getting engaged, and I’m getting lots of inquiries. It’s a fun time, but it also means that–because of the way I’ve structured my business–I don’t shoot very much during this time of year. So, instead, I have lots of time to think and reflect on the work I’ve done.

I can’t believe there is only a week left in 2011. It’s been a great year for my photography business, and I can easily say that, when I look back on the images I was lucky enough to capture this year, I’m happy. I’m happy that my style is constantly evolving, and that my photos look more and more like me. I’m happy that I’ve worked with AMAZING clients–clients that have scouted, planned, shopped, emailed, and helped plan beautiful shoots. I’m happy that I’ve taken some creative risks, happy that I tried things this year that I wouldn’t have tried before. And I’m happy that you’ve all come along for the ride.

So, I’ll end the year by looking back at some of the photos that really put a smile on my face (and photos that hopefully put a smile on the faces of my lovely clients). First up, here are some of my favorite engagement images from 2011!

December 6, 2011   |   baby, children, family

This is the time of year when I shoot lots of family sessions. Everyone wants some images for their holiday cards, and I can’t blame them! The problem is, this can also be the most difficult time of year to shoot in Chicago. It’s often cold and gloomy; usually, I end up having to reschedule shoots several times.

So, by the time I was able to meet Annie’s sweet sons, we had already rescheduled the shoot a couple of times. However, we lucked out and ended up doing a mini-session on one of the sunniest days we’ve had in a long while. It was such a joy to shoot these two cuties. Even though shooting with a babe and a 3-year-old can be a challenge, I think we got some adorable photos!

Sweet, sweet little face.

When he was smiling, it was usually because his big bro was singing to him!

All smiles.

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