February 21, 2012   |   baby, children, family

I really, really love shooting family portrait sessions, especially when they’re casual sessions at home. The truth is, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve shot photographs with this particular family. I do know that I remember when they were a family of three, I remember when Emerson–now a big sister–could barely walk, and I remember when Marra–now a year old–had the chunkiest baby thighs I’d ever seen (okay, maybe that hasn’t changed). Either way, it’s always good to see them.

Shooting a family session the midst of winter can be a challenge. Often, it is cold and gloomy outside. Of course, we don’t want to force the little ones to stay out in the cold, but we also have to find inventive ways to assure good light. For this session, Shauna and Mark allowed me to work next to large windows in two rooms of their house. We made the most of the little light that was coming in, and I think we got some great photos.

Who knows where this family of four will be when I see them next, but I can’t wait to find out.

Emerson is a great big sister!

Marra is just getting the hang of the bike she got as a birthday gift.

I absolutely ADORE this photo.

Love this photo (and the one at the top) of Marra and her daddy.

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February 15, 2012   |   Boudoir

The week of Valentine’s Day seems like an appropriate time to share some photos from my last boudoir marathon. As usual, I had a great group of gals, and the shoot was a total blast. To quote one of the gals, “All I can say is WOW!  I just finished my boudoir session with Danielle and she was the most professional and easy going photographer I have ever met. From the second I walked in the hotel, I felt like I was preparing for a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot.”

And that is EXACTLY the experience I want all of my boudoir gals to have. That’s why I always shoot at the Trump International Hotel. That’s why I’ll only work with some of the best make-up artists in Chicago. That’s why I make sure they have a glass of champagne in their hand the minute they walk in the door. 😉

Thank you to the gals who let me share these photos. You are all beautiful, and I hope that’s what you take away (not just the pictures).

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