June 25, 2012   |   family

The night before Dana and Eric’s wedding, I drove out to the ‘burbs to shoot family photos with Dana’s aunt and family. According to my Google map directions, it should’ve been a 40 minute drive. Well, it turned into a 90 minute drive. It was Friday afternoon, there was rush hour traffic, and I just should’ve known better. Either way, I pulled up to their house and–if I’m being completely honest–thought to myself, “Let’s just get this over with.”

However, as soon as I walked into this family’s home, I couldn’t help but be in a better mood. You’ve never, ever met such a fun, loving, and open family. I mean, I shoot  A LOT of family photos, and I’ve never felt such genuine joy during a portrait session before. These folks just love being around each other, and it made me love being around them, too.

Here are some sneak peeks from our shoot. Yes–every laugh, every hug, every kiss on the cheek was 100% real. I didn’t force them to look like they liked being around each other; they just really do.

Kim owns a landscaping business with her sister. So, it was no surprise that her yard was BEAUTIFUL.

Everyone was making everyone laugh during the shoot.

Can’t get enough of these sisters.

They asked to do an “edgy and dramatic” Kardashian-esque family photo (just for fun, of course). These are SO hilarious.

June 17, 2012   |   wedding

Dana and Erica were married this past Saturday at CD&ME. I’d been looking forward to this wedding all year because I knew that–just like with their engagement session–nothing about this wedding would be average. Dana and Eric are country folk at heart. They love horses, big sky, and each other. And when it came to their wedding day, they (with the help of their fabulous families) knew how to interpret their love in the most creative ways possible. Think horses. Think a couch made of hay. Think a whole hog barbecue. (I’ll spare you those photos.) There were SO many amazing details at this wedding; it was a blast to shoot.

This isn’t my first time working with this family, though. In 2010, I shot Dana’s sister’s wedding. And then 2 months ago, I shot Amy and Brian’s wedding. (Brian is Dana’s co-worker.) On Friday, I shot family portraits for Dana’s aunt and family. And, while I was at the wedding on Saturday, Leah reminded me that I’d be seeing her next month at Stacen and Joe’s wedding. (Stacen works with Leah.) Got all that?

They are a wonderful group to be around, and I’m lucky to have them as clients. I am so happy with these photos, and I hope Dana and Eric love them, too. They leave for St. Lucia in the morning, so I promised to get them a peek before they head to the beach. Enjoy, guys!

This wasn’t staged, believe it or not. But I love that Dana had her sister, Leah, and her mom helping her get ready.

Dana and Eric did a first look at the barn where they keep their horse, Wes. I couldn’t possibly love this more.

Romeo looked very handsome in his tie!

Wes is the best photo prop EVER (except when he kept trying to eat the bouquet)!

This was Dana’s idea. AMAZING.

Dana and Eric with their four-legged family.

Lots of details!

These two are big beer fans!

Love the girls’ boots!

Ceremony time!

Dana’s cousin, Jane, sang a BEAUTIFUL rendition of Hallelujah. Everyone had tears in their eyes. I love how the light hits Jane and the happy couple in this photo.


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