November 4, 2012   |   engagement

Last weekend, Summer and Eric met me in Lincoln Park at the end of my day of family portrait mini-sessions. They just moved into a new apartment and thought that, since their wedding was a few years ago, they should get some new photos for their new home.

Truthfully, I’m always happy to shoot with these two. They are so creative and loving; they always provide me with TONS of inspiration. Summer sent me links to a Pinterest board she was using to gather their styling ideas for the shoot. She told me to expect, “an Anthropologie catalog, meets a Ralph Lauren catalog, meets Zoe Deschanel, meets an English farmer from the 192os.” Yup–that got me excited.

And here’s the thing: not everyone needs to (or can) pull of the Anthopologie/RL/Zoe Deschanel/English farmer look. I’d never expect all of my clients to be the same, dress the same, or like the same aesthetic. However, there is one big lesson we can learn from these two: the more you think about your shoot and the “look” you’re going for, and the more you express your individual personalities through your attire, the better the photos will be. Always.

So, here’s two of my favorite clients, at one of my favorite locations, during my favorite season, in one of my favorite sessions in a very long time.

Don’t let them fool you. They have nailed their “serious/somber face,” but they crack each other up all the time.

Something very Notebook-ish about this one.

So beautiful.

And handsome!

LOVE this.

November 4, 2012   |   children, family

Mollie and Brandon are twins. So, not only do they get to share most everything in their lives together, they also got to share their bar/bat mitzvahs!

These two celebrated in a big way: in the Stadium Club at US Cellular Field! We got to do portraits on the field a couple of days before the party. Though it was windy, cold, and rainy, Mollie and Brandon were so excited to be on the field, they made the most of it!

The following Saturday, this lovely family joined all of their loved ones for one heck of a party! Here are some photos from their celebration.

When two just-turned-13-year-olds ask for a jumping photo, I oblige!

It’s party time!

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November 2, 2012   |   baby, children, family

I’ve worked with Sarah, Craig, and their sweet son, Frankie, for several years. They are one of the dear families that I’ve photographed many, many times. We originally scheduled a shoot with just the three of them, but then we decided to add in more family! You know what they say: the more, the merrier. 🙂

Well, that’s usually true, anyway. However, when that “more” includes a few little ones, things can get a little… interesting.

Luckily, all of these adults were wonderfully helpful and patient. Patience is SO important when photographing little ones. So, because the grown-ups were willing to help, we got some lovely photos (despite the wind, the cold, the tears, and the crackers).

What three people in this photo are thinking: “Just take the picture before he cries.” What one is thinking: “This is a pretty tasty cracker.”

Love this guy. Can you believe I photographed him when he was just an itty bitty babe?

When all else fails, throw stuff!

Parents deserve some camera time, too!

And grandparents (who are about to celebrate their 40th)!

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