October 8, 2013   |   family


I absolutely LOVE shooting senior photos. Each session is so different, depending completely on personality. I also feel like I get more creative freedom with senior portraits than with any other kind of session, as most seniors are excited to try something “fun” and “different.” So, when Morgan asked me to shoot her senior photos, I was happy to do it!

Morgan is a little off-beat; she’s a complete individual, and she does things her own way. Because of this, we made sure to find a lot of locations that fit her personality: old railroad tracks, some fun graffiti, etc. While driving around her town, I spotted a rehabbed yellow Ford truck parked in a storage lot. “Turn around!” I screamed. I knew the truck would fit in with the “theme” of our session perfectly. Morgan was thrilled.

I love that these photos represent all parts of Morgan’s silly, flirty, and quirky personality. Here are some sneak peeks!


The owner of the truck–a 20-something male–may or may not have driven up as we were crawling all over his car. He also may or may not have asked Morgan for her phone number.









Is this graffiti perfect or what?


Morgan’s sister, Natalie, came along for the shoot, and she was able to get lots of laughs.


Happy senior year, Morgan!


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