May 29, 2015   |   engagement


When Christy and Matt told me that they “weren’t photo people,” I got a little worried. I basically had to talk them into doing an engagement session–something that was critical for me because I hadn’t met them, yet. They booked me to photograph their wedding over the phone (something that’s pretty unusual for me).

When we were waffling over whether or not to do the engagement session, I let them know how important it was that I know who they are–as people and as a couple–before I shoot their wedding day.

So, when I met them for their e-session yesterday evening, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Then, I walked into the shop where we were meeting, saw Christy holding a bottle of champagne, gave her a huge hug, and knew we’d be just fine!

I am SO glad that these two ended up doing an engagement session. Not because they needed the practice (clearly, they don’t), but because they are so effortlessly sweet and loving in front of the camera, and now I know the wedding day is going to be a blast!

They live close to Belmont Harbor, and that’s where we decided to do their shoot. I haven’t shot at Belmont Harbor before, but now I’m pretty much in love with the place.

Here are the sneak peeks from our shoot!



We managed to talk our way onto the pier. SO worth it!


Then, we headed over to the nearby park for a little picnic (and champagne)!


These two are ALWAYS laughing–love it!


But you can’t leave them unattended for a second…


Matt loves to kiss Christy on the nose. Does it get any sweeter than this?



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May 24, 2015   |   engagement


Kate and Stephen both got there PhDs in engineering from Northwestern University in Evanston. It’s also where they got engaged! So, when it came time to figure out where we should shoot their engagement session, it was a pretty easy decision. Northwestern’s beautiful campus is proving to be a popular photo spot this year!

Our first couple attempts at a photo shoot got rained out. However, this past weekend, the weather cleared, and–even though it was still a little chilly–we decided to go through with the session! I’m glad we did. The hazy cloud coverage made for great light, and the campus was in full spring bloom. It was gorgeous!

Here are some sneak peeks from our time together.



I love the bright red jacket, bright blue dress, and bright green trees!


Couldn’t decide which of these I loved more. So… Also, the next few photos are SOOC (straight out of the camera). No editing at all–that’s how good the light was!




Sorry, you two. I had to post this one! Always the perfect gentleman, Stephen helped Kate touch up her lip gloss between photos!


Of course, I love to catch couples giggling, snuggling, and stealing little moments with each other. Sometimes, it can be difficult to coax that out of people in front of the camera. However, these two were so naturally sweet and affection–makes my job easy!


As they were walking to the spot where Stephen would propose, they passed this rock. Minutes later, Stephen popped the question himself!



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