I have been an artist since I could blink. Photography has always been a way for me to translate the world around me. After taking some photojournalism classes in college, I decided to start using photographs for work as well as play. Though, truthfully, I feel like I am always playing.

Graduate school brought me to Chicago and I am in love with the city. From Monday-Friday, I teach Writing & Rhetoric at Columbia College Chicago and consider myself more of a poet than a photographer. However, I am lucky to spend my weekends capturing the worlds of families that I get to, very briefly, be a part of.

My photography philosophy is simple: record life as it happens. My style is candid and photojournalistic with an editorial flare thrown in during portrait sessions. My job (and my passion) is to capture my clients as they really are. I don't mind if every photograph isn't perfect or if grandma thinks I'm wacky for taking a photograph of your toes; I want the photos to feel like geniune representations of the moment. During events, I love catching the whispers that everyone else misses. Every photo album should create an authentic story; I just want to help you tell it.

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