February 20, 2015   |   Boudoir


A few weeks ago, I met a handful of lovely ladies at the Trump for a boudoir marathon. I guess you could say this was my coming-out-of-boudoir-retirement shoot, as I stopped doing boudoir marathons a couple of years ago.

However, with some mild arm twisting, I was convinced to do a shoot just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I always forget how fun it is to play dress up, feel sexy, drink champagne, and gossip with a bunch of ladies. Let’s be honest: we pretend that these shoots are for our significant others, but they are really for us, too! And that’s exactly how it should be.

Here are some smokin’ hot sneak peeks from some very brave and beautiful ladies. Whether you like to be sporty or sultry, the girl next door or a total vixen, I hope we all take some time out to feel this good about ourselves!


boudoirblog 8









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