August 21, 2018   |   engagement, maternity

I’m on a beach marathon roll, and Kate and Jeewant’s maternity session is next on my list! Even though the forecast threatened storms, and it poured 20 minutes after their session ended, we still decided to push forward. So, while we didn’t get the typical sun-streaked beach shots I usually would, I still love how the light in these photos–and the moodiness of the sky.

Of course, Kate’s hot pink kimono and infectious smile were enough to brighten up even the cloudiest photos. Plus, it’s like we had our own personal wind machine. Win, win!

Here are some sneak peeks from their shoot. If you’re interested in a beach mini session, shoot me an email ASAP! Our Chicago beach days are numbered.

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February 19, 2018   |   engagement

Things have been quiet around here, as winter is my slow season for photography. There aren’t a lot of people who would opt to have photos taken–or to get married–during winter time in Chicago. But don’t worry, I did find two of them: Anne and David!

These two are getting married this summer (when the weather will, hopefully, be MUCH warmer) at the Morton Arboretum. However, they wanted to go off-script and take their engagement photos during the winter, which we all thought would be less-than-conventional in the best kind of way.

Anne and David met when, after moving from Germany, Anne decided to join a Chicago swim team for fun. David was on the swim team too, as fate would have it, and their coach decided to play match-maker. It worked!

Now, every weekend during the warmer months, the two of them swim Lake Michigan, starting here at the Ohio St. beach. So, of course, that’s where we decided to do their photos. Lucky for us, we got a fresh dusting of snow the night before. The landscape was dreamy–even if it was only 23 degrees!

Here are some sneak peeks from our time together:

Does it get any better than this view?

The near-frozen lake was so still and serene. It was really lovely!


I wasn’t so mean as to ask them to actually put on their fins in the frigid temps, but they wanted to use them in a few photos.

Along with their swim team mascots!

So happy that these two found each other–and that they found me! Can’t wait to shoot their wedding this summer.

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April 24, 2017   |   engagement


When Sean emailed me, asking if I’d like to photograph his surprise proposal at JENI’S ICE CREAMS, I nearly crawled through the computer screen, grabbed him by the collar, and screamed “HECK, YES!”

Let me tell you the short version of the story: Guy meets girl. Guy and girl bond over ice cream. Girl makes guy try Jeni’s, and they go over 75 times throughout their courtship. Guy decides he must marry girl. Guy gets Jeni’s to open early, hires a photographer (me!), and comes up with an elaborate tale to get his girl into an ice cream shop at 10:30 in the morning. Girl resists but falls for it. Guy gets down on one knee, pulls out a Jeni’s cookbook, opens the cover, and reveals a ring that has been perfectly placed inside a hand-carved niche within the book. Girl thinks they must’ve found the wrong cookbook. Guy assures her they haven’t. Girl–in total shock–says yes. Guy and girl eat ice cream, again.

I’m am SO excited to have been a small part of the story. Here are some photos from the surprise proposal!








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