What kind of camera do you use?
I use two Canon digital SLRs with a variety of Canon lenses.

Can we use the free engagement shoot for something else? Can we get money off if we don't want the engagement photos?
The engagement photos were added after several requests from clients. They truly are a free addition to my services. I think it is important that we get to work together in a client/photographer relationship before the morning of your wedding. This will help relieve stress and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. For this reason, and others, the engagement sessions cannot be substituted or exchanged.

Will you bring a backdrop to my wedding?
No. I don't have a studio and I don't have a formal studio set-up. I prefer to work with my surroundings. We'll work together to find places--often places near your ceremony or reception locations--that would make interesting shooting locations. These things will all be discussed before the day of your wedding. I also think that, usually, photographs without a backdrop are more interesting!

I have a mole on my nose that I hate. Can you make it disappear in photographs?
Doing this kind of Photoshop work is very, very time intensive and would significantly increase the cost of my packages. My job is to make you look your absolute best in photographs. I like to work with what you've got! Most likely, you're being too hard on yourself, anyway!

Do all of your photos look so "artsy"?
When creating my portfolio for this website, I chose the photographs that most epitomize who I am as a photographer and as an artist. When you get your complete wedding album, there will be many, many shots that are considered "traditional". Don't worry, I leave no rocks unturned.

Do you take church formals?
One of the things we'll talk about before your wedding day is how much time will be set aside for portraits. Generally, I encourage couples to keep family portraits to a minimum. It is best for your family and friends to not have to sit through hours of posed portraits, and it is best for the bride and groom to have as stress-free an experience as possible. Also, the lighting in most churches usually stinks. So, for these reasons and more, I'm not really the kind of photographer that shoots a ton of church formals. Does that mean that we can't take ANY photos in your church? Of course not. What it does mean, however, is that if you're the kind of couple that would want a ton of formal portraits inside of your church, then we probably won't be a good fit.

Do you always shoot with an assistant photographer?
Nope. In fact, I shoot solo 98% of the time, and I really prefer it that way. Having an assistant photographer, while sometimes useful, doesn't really impact the final product. When I talk to my photographer friends that always shoot with assistants, I find that--even without an assistant--we usually turn over the same number of images to clients on the final DVD. In the end, I focus on quality and not quantity. If this is something that is important to you, however, we can definitely continue this conversation!

What should I wear to my portrait/engagement session?
First, decide on a look (and a location that fits that look): sexy, vintage, whimsical, etc. Dress to fit this look. Wear something special but something you don't mind running around or sitting on the ground in. Try to avoid logos. Bright colors always photograph best. If there are more than two people in the photograph, don't worry about wearing the same color. Instead, find small accessories that speak to each other (think red heels and a red bow-tie).

Do you have liability insurance?

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