June 12, 2017   |   wedding

Last week, I posted the first part of Nalika and Dan’s Washington D.C. wedding, which blended two cultures over the course of a couple of days. My first post featured their Indian ceremony, which took place at a temple just outside of D.C., and today’s post features the evening event–a modern ceremony and reception at Toolbox, an art gallery in the city.

While the whole day was special, the evening event felt especially intimate and personal. I loved Nalika and Dan’s ceremony, which had so many unique and sentimental components.

Here are some photos from the second half of their day!

Nalika’s dress was SO beautiful!

The second “first look” of the day!

Nalika’s mehndi had so many personalized components, like these playing cards which are a reference to Dan’s professional poker career.

We wandered through the D.C. neighborhoods, walking to the venue and snapping photos.

Time to get married! During one part of the ceremony, Nalika and Dan had friends and family stand up and read little quotes and passages. Many were from Harry Potter, a favorite of Nalika’s, and she was really touched.

Dan’s brother, who is an uber talented musician, sang a Led Zepplin song, and everyone was awed.


Some shots from the reception…

…including the first dance, during which Nalika–the ever-feminist bride–gave Dan a little spin!

Some reactions from toasts…

And Nalika couldn’t resist giving a speech of her own.

The night ended with lots of dancing!

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  1. Amil says:

    That’s lovely, Nalika! Congrats once again to you both.

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June 9, 2017   |   wedding


Last week, we flew to Washington D.C. so that we could attend–and so that I could photograph–the wedding of my wife, Sona’s, cousin, Nalika. Nalika and Dan celebrated their nuptials over the course of a couple days, but Saturday was the main event. The day began with a traditional Indian ceremony at the Sri Siva Vishnu temple just outside of D.C., and then it ended with a more modern and intimate evening ceremony and cocktail party back in the city.

I was so happy to be part of Nalika and Dan’s day–both as a guest and as the photographer. I love shooting all sorts of weddings, as they are each unique, but Indian weddings are particularly fun for a photographer. They are full of color and texture and movement–basically a photog’s dream!

So, I’ll be sharing Nalika and Dan’s day over the course of two blog posts, starting with the morning ceremony. Here are some sneak peeks from that event. More from the evening ceremony coming, Monday!


Nalika’s family helped Dan’s mom into what I think was probably her first sari.


And then they helped Nalika into hers.


There was some shoe-stealing, of course.

At this part in the ceremony, the priest told Nalika and Dan that whoever sat down first would, essentially, rule the roost.

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April 24, 2017   |   engagement


When Sean emailed me, asking if I’d like to photograph his surprise proposal at JENI’S ICE CREAMS, I nearly crawled through the computer screen, grabbed him by the collar, and screamed “HECK, YES!”

Let me tell you the short version of the story: Guy meets girl. Guy and girl bond over ice cream. Girl makes guy try Jeni’s, and they go over 75 times throughout their courtship. Guy decides he must marry girl. Guy gets Jeni’s to open early, hires a photographer (me!), and comes up with an elaborate tale to get his girl into an ice cream shop at 10:30 in the morning. Girl resists but falls for it. Guy gets down on one knee, pulls out a Jeni’s cookbook, opens the cover, and reveals a ring that has been perfectly placed inside a hand-carved niche within the book. Girl thinks they must’ve found the wrong cookbook. Guy assures her they haven’t. Girl–in total shock–says yes. Guy and girl eat ice cream, again.

I’m am SO excited to have been a small part of the story. Here are some photos from the surprise proposal!








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  1. Anna says:

    AHH YAY! Congrats Carly and Sean – these are beautiful!! <3

  2. Tracy T says:

    Love the pictures, Loved the proposal, love these two!
    Thank-you Jenis for graciously helping out! Oh and the lemon buttermilk ice cream cone
    Was wonderful too!

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