September 6, 2009

Adriana and Tim

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to share in Adriana and Tim’s wedding celebration. As much as us professionals aren’t supposed to admit this, I usually leave a wedding feeling completely pooped. Photography is exhausting! However, when I left last night, I felt completely fueled. I was fueled by Adriana’s non-stop enthusiasm, fueled by the couple’s kindness towards everyone in their lives (including their vendors!), and fueled by how genuine and honest their relationship is. All of these things resulted in everyone–including myself–being completely joyful and relaxed. I think the photos came out of that.

Love this shot of Adriana getting helped into her dress:

And this one, taken while her mom was zipping her up. How gorgeous is she?

Adriana comes from a family of very strong women…

Strong and beautiful:

I caught this shot as Adriana turned around to look at her guests for the first time:

They had a HUGE bridal party:


This was Adriana’s idea and Tim, being the gentleman he is, went along with it:

I LOVE this photo of Adriana taken as we were walking around downtown:

At the reception, the groomsmen all serenaded Adriana with N’Sync. Apparently, this is a tradition:

This may be my favorite photo of the night. Caught with no light, no flash. Tim and Adriana were watching the touching slideshow that Tim had labored over. This photo just shows 100% pure joy.