February 21, 2010

Allison & Ryan

You see, in weddings, there is an equation that goes something like this: good people + good light + artistic freedom = good photos. Okay, so maybe that isn’t exact science, but it works out most of the time. Yesterday, Allison and Ryan’s wedding day worked to prove that equation, though. I had one of the nicest couples I’ve ever worked with and they trusted me. What more could a photogal ask for?

These two had a beautiful ceremony at Old St. Pat’s and then a reception (worthy of party crashers) at Galleria Marchetti. I also got to work with some great vendors, including the fantastic Sonia Roselli and a great 2nd photog, Jake Poehls. (Stay tuned for a 2nd photographer special and a blog post about Jake later in the week!) All in all, it was a wonderful day–mathematically wonderful, even. So, this is gonna be a LONG one.

How can you have a bad day if you’re wearing red heels?

I hope Allison’s mom doesn’t kill me for posting this. Actually, it is very sweet. She was almost in tears when she saw Allison with her hair done and this is the “keep-from-crying” face. I couldn’t resist.

Someone is happy to be getting dressed.

Seriously, Allison, how can you be this pretty?

A few sweet moments from the ceremony:

I love the moment when the priest tells the couple to look at their guests.

LOVE this one.

The handsome groom.

Allison put these babies on for the portraits.

A great shot of the guys, thanks to Jake.

The happy couple.

If you see a random guy walking down the street, why NOT ask him to join the photo?

Another couple of gorgeous shots of the bride.

And this AMAZING shot by Jake.

Finally, a few from the reception.

Whew. Now how about some comments, people?