August 18, 2010

Amanda and Gabe

A few weeks before the wedding, Amanda emailed me and mentioned three magical words: ICE CREAM SHOP. After their ceremony, they wanted to head to an ice cream shop in Glenview that she used to frequent as a teen. As you can imagine, I was thrilled! Not only did she have ideas for creative photos, the photos would have two of my favorite things: newly married couples and food! So, in the middle of a very warm wedding day, we all went for ice cream. Afterwards, we headed to the Northwestern Campus for more photos. That’s a great tip, actually. Pick two locations for portraits; choose one that is “pretty” and a little safe, and choose one that is a little outside of the box. That way, you please everyone (especially your photographer)! Amanda and Gabe ended their evening with a reception at the Women’s Club in Evanston. I’ve never shot at that venue, but it is beautiful! It was a wonderful wedding day with an adorable couple and a delicious detour!

The “getting ready” shots are really my favorite part of a wedding day. Nothing matches that kind of energy.

Amanda had gardenias in her bouquet. They smelled heavenly.

Another veil shot that I’m in love with.

I popped in to check on Gabe, too.

This is one of my favorite shots of a bride’s entrance with her father.

Their church had beautiful light. I actually shot one of my very first weddings in this church.

The wedding had a very cohesive color story. That makes a HUGE difference in the photos. Loved all the purple. It’s the hot new wedding color, ya heard?

We had to force Gabe to eat ice cream. Who has to be forced to eat ice cream?!

Gabe was feeding Amanda her ice cream as she was getting her dress bustled. So cute.

The beautiful bride.

The reception details were romantic and–of course–purple!