March 19, 2009


While we were in NV, we spent a day in Boulder City. This is a really cute little town with some great diners and lots of antique shops. I’ve always loved rummaging through old things: yard sales, estate sales, antique shops, etc. If I’m not looking to buy something, I’m looking to take some photos. And that is exactly what I did.

A few of these images are processed with my new actions from Sheye Rosemeyer. She loves vintagey looks. So, they were perfect for these photos!

I’m pretty convinced that, in a past life, I was ultra-feminine. Lace gloves, rhinestone-filled brooches, hats… you get the picture.

I certainly would’ve worn this:

We saw a lot of cool hats. Of course, mom had to try them on.

I also saw A LOT of elephants. Is there something I’m missing?

This is one of my favorite photos:

Love this one, too:

Now, we’re headed for another adventure: Florida! I’ll be spending a lot of time on the beach and not so much time on the laptop (that is the plan, anyway). Though, I’m sure there will be more vacation photos coming your way. Hope you don’t mind!