August 13, 2010

Ashley and Sunil

This evening, I met Ashley and Sunil for their engagement photos. After a lot of emails, we decided to meet near the Kinzie St. bridge and then head down to Michigan Avenue. Today was sweltering–over 90 degrees–so I was a little worried about doing photos in that kind of heat. However, we decided to tough it out and go on with the shoot. When we were there, I found out that today–the 13th–has special significance to Ash and Sunil. They had their first date on the 13th, were engaged on the 13th, and we were doing their e-pics on the 13th. Who said that 13 was an unlucky number? These two are lucky to have each other, and I’m lucky to have such adorable clients. Here are some teaser photos for them (only 2 hours after we finished shooting)!

Love all the purple!

The texture on this wall was amazing. I told them to kiss and–though I have a lovely shot of them kissing–I actually prefer this pre-kiss shot. It’s so cute.

A little attitude never hurt anyone.

We were quickly losing light as we headed towards Michigan Avenue. I was a little worried, but I actually ended up adoring the glowing light in these images.

LOVE this shot:

And, of course, we had to get a shot in the median.