July 5, 2015

Ashley & Sunil :: Chicago Maternity Photos


A few years ago, I shot Ashley and Sunil’s wedding. If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you may remember them. This candy-themed engagement session is still one of my all-time favorite shoots, and people ask me about it constantly.

Well, after their wedding, Ashley and Sunil became very good friends of my wife and I (funny how that happens, huh?). And now, we’re all sharing a very special experience: within the next month, all of us are expecting out first babies!

So, I knew we had to get together again–with some sugar, of course–and document their pregnancy.

For their maternity photos, we headed to the grocery store and ate some ice cream. Then, we headed to the ice cream shop… and ate some more ice cream.

You get the idea.

It was so fun, documenting these two as they enter into their final month as a duo. And it’s been even more fun, sharing this experience with them! Enjoy these sneak peeks. You know you’ll be seeing their itty bitty very, very soon. 🙂


I’ve lusted over grocery store themed maternity photos for a long time, and Ash was game!


Of course, we headed straight for the ice cream aisle.


And maybe ate some ice cream. On the floor. Right in front of the freezer.

Ashleyblog6 Ashleyblog7

Does it get any cuter? I don’t think so.



We didn’t have quite enough ice cream at the grocery store. So, we headed across the street to Lickity Split.


LOVE these.


Their itty bitty’s name starts with an “N,” but that’s all you can know… for now. 😉