August 14, 2011

Ashley & Sunil :: Naperville Wedding

This past weekend, one of my favorite couples got married! Ashley and Sunil had a ceremony and reception in Naperville, IL. I’ve formed a bit of a friendship with these two, and I’ve shot with them a couple of times, including this sweethearts shoot that is one of my all-time favorites! So, I was really looking forward to their wedding day. I knew I’d be around really kind people, and that makes a huge difference in the work I’m able to do.

Unfortunately, it rained on Saturday. Like a lot. Like it flooded in some areas. However, it was the 7th anniversary of their first date, and Ashley and Sunil didn’t care about the rain. They only cared about getting married to each other. So, we worked around the weather and ended up having a wonderful day–puddles and all.

Initially, we planned to do outdoor photos at Naperville’s River Walk. When we got to the River Walk, though, it was pouring. I ran to the party bus and said, “What should we do, guys?” Ashley and Sunil told me to just choose a place and–most importantly–they told me that they trusted me. I’m not very familiar with Naperville, but I did know there was an antique store with lots of windows nearby. Also, Ashley had mentioned that she saw my antique store shoot from a few weddings ago and liked it. So, we headed to Affordable Antiques and made the best of a wet situation. I’m really happy with the photos we got, and I’m even happier to have clients that know how to roll with the punches (or the raindrops). Besides, you know what they say about a rainy wedding day…

Ashley had these hangers  made for all of her bridesmaids.

A little love note to her husband-to-be.

Yes–I love a pretty veil shot. So?

I know, I know. Ashley’s eyes were closed. But they are closed in nearly every one of the 10 aisle shots I took. And if you know anything about her, you know this says a lot about Ashley. She’s quite and sweet and held her breath the whole way down.


To the antique store we go.

There were light fixtures hanging everywhere, and it made for a beautiful ambience.


Love this shot of the girls.

When we got to Bobak’s for the reception, the guys begged for a jumping shot. How could I say no?

All in Converse sneakers–my favorite.

A couple of shots from toasts.

And one of my last photos of the night. Total joy.