April 18, 2011

Bridget & Jim :: Lincoln Park Portraits

Usually, I come into a couple’s life right after they’ve gotten engaged. There’s a ring. There’s a pending wedding. A couple of years later, there’s a baby.

So, when Bridget and Jim won my “Cutest Couples” contest last fall, I was so excited to get to work with a couple before they were engaged. Bridget and Jim epitomize young love, and their casual Sunday morning photoshoot was so fun and easy (just like young love should be). These two are also no strangers. Last year, I shot the weddings of both Bridget’s older sister and older brother. The year before that, I shot the wedding of her sister-in-law.

It was great to meet them again in Lincoln Park for this we’re-in-love-so-why-not-get-some-cute-photos shoot. Who knows–maybe an engagement shoot is next? (Hint, hint.)

I love that they played on the swings.

LOVE these two. GORGEOUS. And that early morning light? Divine.

Bridget’s bright pink coat really made the shoot.

You’re beautiful, Bridget!