June 22, 2010

Caroline and Family

I had the pleasure of shooting yet another great family this past weekend. And, once again, this is a family that I’ve worked with before (I photographed James when he was still crawling). Now, they have a new addition: little baby Caroline. She is a sweetie! We did photos with the whole family at their home. Though a photoshoot with a 1-month-old and a toddler can be challenging (see below for photographic proof), we managed to get some great shots!

What’s cuter than baby feet?

Oh, I know! Baby AND big brother feet.

Mom & Caroline:

Dad & Caroline:

I love everything about this photo:

I hope Bridget doesn’t hate me for posting this. I actually love this photo. This is what it is like when you (and by you, I mean every single mom, dad and photographer) try to get two itty bitties in one photo.

But James is a doll, really.

One last one of Caroline and her proud parents.