February 15, 2012

Chicago Boudoir Marathon

The week of Valentine’s Day seems like an appropriate time to share some photos from my last boudoir marathon. As usual, I had a great group of gals, and the shoot was a total blast. To quote one of the gals, “All I can say is WOW!  I just finished my boudoir session with Danielle and she was the most professional and easy going photographer I have ever met. From the second I walked in the hotel, I felt like I was preparing for a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot.”

And that is EXACTLY the experience I want all of my boudoir gals to have. That’s why I always shoot at the Trump International Hotel. That’s why I’ll only work with some of the best make-up artists in Chicago. That’s why I make sure they have a glass of champagne in their hand the minute they walk in the door. 😉

Thank you to the gals who let me share these photos. You are all beautiful, and I hope that’s what you take away (not just the pictures).