April 28, 2011

Chicago Boudoir Marathon :: Trump International Hotel

Last weekend, I had another awesome boudoir marathon at the Trump International Hotel in downtown Chicago. Usually, boudoir marathons bring a mix of gals: some I’ve met before and some I’ve never met. That can make a photog nervous, but I’m such a lucky girl. This group of gals–as usual–were AMAZING. They came with suitcases full of outfits and more excitement than I could possibly hope for.

Once I again, I worked with Melissa from Sonia Roselli’s team. She helped my already beautiful clients feel even better about themselves. It’s so fun to watch each girl look in the mirror after hair and make-up and scream, “Is that really me?!” Yes, it’s you. And–as these photos reveal–you’re all totally fabulous. A special thanks to the girls that allowed me to post these sneak peeks. Who wouldn’t be proud of pictures like these?

My last boudoir marathon of 2011 will be on Saturday, September 24th. Email me if you’re interested!


A floor heater never looked so good.

Legs for days.