March 18, 2010

Chicago Engagement Photo Locations

Let’s be real, folks. We all love Chicago. We all think it is beautiful. However, the truth is, a lake is nothing but a blue horizon and that often isn’t very interesting in photographs. My favorite images are always those that are imaginative; I love photographs that have color and texture. You should think of your portrait location as the third (or fourth, or fifth…) family member. They need to be considered, too. Show them some love!

Couples are always asking me the same question, “Where do you think we should take our engagement photographs?” And though I usually tell clients that their photographs should represent who they are as a couple, I do have some dream locations in mind.

I did a similar post last year and some of the same locations are making an encore presentation on this year’s list.

1. Harold Washington Library. I know, I know. I’m a book geek. This also goes against my always-use-natural-light-when-possible rule. But really, what’s more romantic than cuddling up next to a stack of dusty tomes?

2. Farmer’s Market. See a pattern here? Danielle likes books and food. I’m pretty easy to please that way. The truth is, though, I can’t think of anywhere more colorful than a market full of the season’s freshest finds.

3. Shipping Container Yard. Is this even legal? I’m not sure. But I do love a couple that is willing to break the law for a good photograph.

4. Outdoor Flea Market. Okay, let’s expand my list. Danielle likes books, food and old things. I drool over photographs that juxtapose vintage wares with frilly dresses and heels.

5. Chinatown. These are the kind of spots I love best in Chicago. The colorful and surprising neighorhoods tucked between all the monotone buildings. And they have food there, too.

Do you have any ideas to add to this list?