October 19, 2011

Chicago Family Photo Sessions

This time of year always means one thing to photographers: family portraits! I don’t shoot many weddings outside of the normal season, but I shoot a TON of family photo sessions. Everyone is looking for the perfect picture for their holiday cards. Enter the photographers.

This past weekend, I shot with two families in Lincoln Park. I’ve photographed both of these families before, and it is always great to see the kids–one year older, one year bigger. We shot right around golden hour, and we had gorgeous light. There is a very narrow window of time in Chicago when you can take advantage of the yellow leaves, the golden sun and not freeze your butt off. I like to shoot as much as I can in that time. As I’m writing this blog, it is 40 degrees, rainy and grey outside. So, it’s nice to see a little sun–even if that sun is in a photograph.