May 29, 2011

Courtney and Erik :: Cultural Center Chicago Wedding

Sometimes, couples book me over the phone. Courtney and Erik live in Boston. So, we never got to meet face-to-face before the wedding day. This always makes me a little nervous! I form such a bond with my clients through meetings and engagement session, and that bond is very important for my capturing the right kind of photos on their big day. Luckily, Courtney and Erik were easy to get along with from the second I met them. By the end of the day, I didn’t feel like we’d just met.

Their wedding did present its fair share of challenges, though. They were married on Memorial Day weekend–yesterday–and it is a very busy weekend in the city. Also, despite having crossed our fingers and said our prayers, it stormed for most of their day. Getting around a crowded, rainy city in a trolley can be quite a task! However, these two had the perfect rainy day attitude. They decided that if we can’t beat the weather, we might as well work with the weather. And so, much to my delight, they made the best of a wet situation. Even when the wedding planner was telling me we didn’t have time and even when the bridal party was looking at me like I was crazy, they trusted me.

I love the photos that resulted and, truthfully, I think the rain-slicked city was so romantic.

I spent some time in the guys’ hotel room, too. The schedule allowed plenty of time for me to bounce back-and-forth between rooms. I showed up just in time to catch the guys’ little bow-tie tutorial.

I went back to Courtney’s room to find her hanging out in her Jimmy Choo heels and her robe. LOVE IT.

So happy to be meeting her soon-to-be husband at the end of the aisle.

I always love when a couple looks at the people that came to support them.


Rain? No problem!

When it started to rain, I called the Museum of Contemporary Art to see if we could shoot inside. Even though they were full of guests and setting up for two big events, they let us run in. We were so lucky! This is a great place for brides to secure as a shooting location for future rainy day weddings!

We were running late and had to head back to the Cultural Center for the reception. In my gut, I knew that we didn’t have enough photos and my heart was sinking. So, against the wishes of pretty much everyone except Courtney and Erik, the three of us decided to run outside of the Cultural Center for just 10 more minutes of pictures. I’m so glad they were willing to do this (and move family portraits until later)! All of these photos (including the first one in this post) resulted from those 10 minutes.

How GORGEOUS was Courtney’s dress? (Courtney is pretty gorgeous, too!)

LOVE this one.

The reception was beautiful. The Cultural Center is typically a very dark venue, but they hired lighting specialists and it made a HUGE difference in the ambience and the photos!

A little Risky Business during introductions.