April 29, 2018

Dev Turns 1 :: Chicago Family Photos

If you search for “Ashley and Sunil” on my website, you’ll find innumerable posts, dating back to when I first shot their engagement photos in 2011. Then, their wedding in 2012. And their maternity photos in 2015. Followed by photos right after the birth of their first son, Veen, and then their second, Dev, just last year.

Somewhere along the way, they became some of our closet friends, and as our families have followed the same baby-making trajectory, we have become even closer.

So, I was so happy to shoot some photos to commemorate Dev’s first birthday (which also happens to be the same as mine).

Happy birthday, little Dev! We are so excited to celebrate you–and your awesome fam.

These two make the happiest, cutest kids. And I’m not just saying that because I love them. I mean, LOOK at Dev cheesing!

Photos with two toddlers is no easy feat, but I think they nailed it.

Dev is totally thinking, “Oh yeah, I’m about the smash the heck out of this cake.”

Or just smash my face into it…