June 19, 2013

Dylan & Family :: Chicago Baby Photos


Yesterday, I shot family portraits with Jane and her beautiful family for the second time. I first met this family several months ago when there were just three of them. Now, with the recent addition of baby Dylan, they are a lovely family of four, and I was so happy to shoot with them again!

Often, past clients contact me about shooting newborn portraits, and I explain to them that there are really two “schools” of newborn photos. First, there are the staged studio portraits, often complete with lots of props like milk crates, fuzzy hats, and baby hammocks. I love those photos, and they are adorable! However, those aren’t my specialty; I’m more of a lifestyle photographer. So, I shoot more candid and low-key baby portraits, usually at the home of the families I work with. My aim through these kinds of sessions is to capture life with a newborn–a day in the life of the family. And, we can usually get a few cute portraits in there, too!

Jane was on board with this kind of shoot, and I really, really love the results. I can’t create these kinds of photos without parents that are willing to let go, let the babies determine the direction of the session, and–most importantly–be open to whatever may come!

We kept rescheduling this particular session because the weather wasn’t cooperating and, since we knew we couldn’t control 1-month old Dylan or nearly 2-year old Connor, we thought we best try to control the most important factor: light! But we finally got a sunny day, and I think these photos were worth the wait.

Janeblog1 Janeblog2

A newborn shoot is hard enough, but these parents were patient enough to tough out a shoot with a toddler AND a newborn! And Connor was (mostly) happy to cooperate. 🙂


Can you believe that hair?!


Happy parents!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shots.

Janeblog6 Janeblog7

Just a quick after-snack burp. I DIE!