June 9, 2014

Dylan Turns 1! :: Chicago Baby Photos


I’ve been photography baby Dylan since he was just an itty bitty. This past weekend, I met up with Dylan and his family to celebrate his turning 1!

We decided that, in addition to some candid portraits, we would also do a cake smash. More on that later.

As I’ve mentioned before, you really can’t direct a photoshoot with a little one; you have to let THEM direct the shoot. And, as much as we tried to entice Dylan, he just didn’t want to leave his mom’s side (he’s quite the momma’s boy). We tried balls, balloons, stuffed animals, but he was just too smart to fall for our tricks.

So, we did what all parents know you have to do: we let Dylan set the tone for the shoot. We followed him around, tried to get him to smile, and baited him with lots of snacks (which worked)!

Then, we ended by letting Dylan go to town on a cupcake, which he really loved! Here are the–sometimes messy–results!


Who wouldn’t smile for a croissant?


I must admit, though, I love Dylan’s why-are-you-point-that-camera-at-me-strange-lady suspiciousness!


Time for the cake! Dylan’s plan of attack was genius: face plant!



The messier, the better!