July 14, 2011

Ellen & Tyler :: Andersonville & Goose Island

Recently, I had a post-wedding photo session with newlyweds Ellen and Tyler. (You can call it a trash-the-dress session, but we did a pretty good job of making sure the dress didn’t get too trashed!)

It was so nice to have a few hours to wander–sometimes aimlessly–through locations and not feel rushed. Because we had so much time, we were able to tour two locations. We began the photos at their home in Andersonville (my ‘hood!), and roamed around the neighborhood looking for cute yards, good light and fun alleyways. Then, we drove across town to Goose Island. I’ve only shot here once, but I’ve been dying to go back! Ellen and Tyler were so patient as I drove us–somewhat haphazardly–through the winding streets of this industrial center. That kind of meandering usually leads to spots that I never have time to scout out when I’m trying to pull of a 20 minute portrait session.

I think I may have talked their heads off (you know me), but hopefully they had as much fun as I did. I felt like this shoot was a total creative indulgence, and I hope that Ellen and Tyler felt totally indulged. Here are some of my favorites from the evening!

PS–For all you brides (and I know there are many of you), Ellen isn’t only the cutest client ever. She’s also a professional musician and her quartet, Chicago Q, is amazingly talented (and adorable) event performers!

Can you believe this was painted on the side of someone’s garage? LOVE it.

We stopped in a couple of Andersonville shops.

Now to Goose Island. And yeah, they really are this adorable.

If all grooms would abandon the traditional black tux and opt for this swanky suit, I’d be giddy.

We found this spot, and it had some of the best light I’ve seen.

And it was right across the road from this place. (Reason #139 why industrial centers are great shooting spots.)

This last shot is my absolute fave. I’ve always wanted to shoot here! Thanks, you two, for making my dreams come true! 😉