December 10, 2010

Fine Art Images

Before I ever started shooting weddings, I just liked to take pictures. It was really that simple. As some of you know, I’m also a poet. To me, poetry and photography both ask me to notice the little things; they both force me to have a different kind of awareness.

And as much as I love photographing people and events, I also still really love to wander around with my camera. I do this in Chicago. I do this when we travel. I do this as much as I can.

I love sharing some of these photos and adventures on my blog. Last year, I did a lot of that. And, much to my surprise, I got a few emails from people saying, “Danielle–We love this one photograph you just posted. Could we purchase that? It’d go perfectly in our living room.”

So, now the answer is YES! I’ve created an online gallery of fine art images that you can purchase as prints or on canvas. Have you been needing a grouping of black and white images for the hallway? Take a look. Need something to hang in that blank space above the couch? Check the gallery out. Need a holiday gift for someone that has everything? You get the idea.

I’m happy to share these images with you, and I’ll be adding to the gallery regularly. (It’s an excuse for me to do more wandering, anyway.)

To access the gallery, click on the “client galleries” link on this site, and then click on “fine art.” You’ll be taken here. I hope you love looking as much at them as much as I loved taking them. Here are a few images you’ll see represented in the gallery.

How lucky are we to live in Chicago? Seriously.

We have a LARGE canvas of this print in our bedroom. Nothing like waking up every single day and looking at the ocean.

Paris. Need I say more? There are several images from my Parisian adventures (because, really, there’s a photo at every turn).