May 13, 2010

First Looks

I’ve gone on and on (and on) about why doing a first look is such a good idea. It makes the day go more smoothly. It allows for me–as the photographer–to capture moments that I’d never be able to capture during the ceremony. It allows SO MUCH more time for portraits, which translates to more photographs of the bride and groom.

However, I know that–no matter how much I say it–many of my couples just aren’t convinced. That’s why it’s important to hear from another bride (and one that JUST got hitched a few days ago). Brie and Tim got married last Saturday and–thankfully–they did a first look. Here’s Brie’s advice for future brides (and some photographs to prove that–despite what you may think–this is the way to go):

“Do a first look. I am so glad Tim and I decided to do this (and so was Danielle). I know a lot of people think that it will ‘ruin’ the whole walking down the aisle experience, but it completely didn’t. I got jittery and excited right before my entrance at the church anyway, and I totally choked up like a goober. The first look was, more than anything, FUN. We walked around with Danielle and got to giggle and talk and people shouted congratulations as they ran by and stuff. We did the robot. It was SO nice to have time together to cuddle and look lovey-dovey, and it made the rest of our day that much less stressful.”

And, of course, the aforementioned robot dance: