May 25, 2011

Getting Wedding Photos Published

This past year, I’ve been really lucky! I’ve had shoots featured in such awesome publications as Style Unveiled (twice!), Elizabeth Anne Designs, Eco-Beautiful Weddings, and Aisle Candy. I’ve used Two Bright Lights–an amazing resource for vendors–to submit to all of these publications.

I’m still no expert on publication, and I have several publication goals that I’ve yet to meet. However, after having obsessively checked wedding websites, blogs, and magazines for years, I have a pretty good idea of what editors are looking for when they are considering whether or not to publish your photos (for photographers) or your events (for clients). So, maybe these tips will help you, too!

To create a submission on TBL, you have to first make an inspiration board. Brides, especially, are usually familiar with these! An inspiration board is collection of images that tell a story. That story could be what you want your wedding day to look like. Or, for photographers like myself, that story could be what message your photographs are communicating–how and why they belong together. I’ve realized that it’s helpful to think about what your inspiration board will look like before you ever begin the shoot. In other words, rather than sorting through a bunch of photos that may or may not fit together, why not make sure that what you’re doing (whether it is planning a photoshoot or an event) will be visually cohesive before you even start? This is probably the best tip I can give to my clients who are in the beginning stages of planning their wedding. The truth is, whatever makes a big visual impact for an editor will also make a big visual impact for your guests, too!

Here are the inspiration boards that got these shoots published. As you can see, they create a story. That story can revolve around a theme, a color, or an aesthetic. The bottom line is that they look like they belong together; they look like someone thought about how they’d connect to each other. If you’re a photographer or a couple hoping to get your photographs published, make sure you’re photos do the same!