September 7, 2014

Gianna & Daniela :: Chicago Family Photos


Years ago, I shot family photos of baby Gianna, when this was just a family of three. This past weekend, I was happy to photograph this family of FOUR!

Shooting photos of toddlers can be challenging; shooting photos of toddlers AND siblings is almost guaranteed to result in chaos. I try to let moms and dads know that it isn’t their fault. “You didn’t do anything wrong,” I say. Your kids aren’t different than anyone else’s. You didn’t just waste a full hour. “I PROMISE,” I always tell them, “we will get some good shots.”

So, I made sure to tell this same thing to Gianna and Daniela’s parents on Saturday when, despite the fact that the girls were sweet as could be, it didn’t seem like everything was falling into place for the perfect family photo session.

Then, I got home, sorted through the photos, found those promised “good shots,” and realized: the most PERFECT family photos always result from the most IMPERFECT sessions. That is, I love all of these candid, silly, and sometimes frustrating moments. Isn’t that what family is really all about, anyway?

And it helped that Mom and Dad, in this case, TOTALLY kept their cool and rolled with the punches.

Here are some sneak peeks from a very happy–and very normal–family photo session!


Gianna is such a smart, silly, and kind-hearted girl. I love the many faces she gave the camera!



And Daniela was happiest when she was playing. So, we let her do just that, and look at this cuteness!


What a sweet, loving family!