November 21, 2017

Jaelon, Jason, & Their Dads :: Chicago Family Photos

I photographed Jason, Jaelon, and their dads this past weekend just a few blocks from my house, as we all live in the same neighborhood. Good gosh, I am glad I got to meet this family.

From the second I met them at their home, the boys were just so sweet and endearing. They are little charmers–full of personality–and not even a little shy. They are also uber polite. After the session–which we shot in 33 degree weather–they said I couldn’t go home, “But you have to come have some hot cocoa!”

As we were shooting around the grounds of Senn High School, which makes a beautiful backdrop for a family shoot, people were literally staring at this adorable quartet, likely assuming–like me–that they walked straight out of the pages of a J Crew catalog. One lady even stopped us, excitedly asking “Is this a real family?! How are you all so beautiful?!”

Sometimes, shooting with young boys can be a challenge, as they are so energetic and often not very receptive about the idea of family pictures. We channeled all that energy into these images, though, and I’m so happy with how they turned out.

Here are some sneak peeks from this catalog crew!

J and J nailed their “swag face,” but they couldn’t stay serious for very long.


They jumped at the opportunity to torture their dads–throwing leaves and tackling them as much as possible!