June 20, 2014

Jessica & Rob :: Chicago Engagement Photos


Sometimes, everything you plan goes to–well, you know–and you want to stomp your feet and throw a fit. Sometimes, you plan a totally cutesy engagement session with sweets and balloons and sunshine, and then Homeland Security tells you to put the helium tanks back in the car, the thickest fog you’ve ever seen rolls into Chicago, a creepy cop escorts you out of the park, and you walk right into a swarm of gnats like you’ve never seen. Then, you realize that, if you can roll with the punches, you can still have an awesome, exciting, and–though you intended sweet–a sexy photoshoot.

That’s what happened to Jessica and Rob tonight (AKA The World’s Calmest and Most Flexible Couple).

We started their shoot at Annette’s Ice Cream in Lincoln Park. Then, after some ice cream and sunny goodness, we hopped in the car with plans to make it to Olive Park right at golden hour. We envisioned balloons and kittens and rainbows; Rob brought two (!!) helium tanks along for the shoot.

No sooner had we pulled onto LSD than we looked at the city and noticed a blanket of fog moving in–and over–everything in sight. “Don’t worry,” I said. “It will all be okay.” I was lying, and I was panicking.

Long story (kinda) short: We got to Olive Park. It was dark and grey and gloomy. The city skyline was nowhere in sight. A mean Homeland Security officer yelled at us for carrying helium tanks. We were told the park was closing early, and we only had 15 minutes to shoot.

But these two never panicked. They went along with the flow, and they smiled the whole time. I love how we ended up with two different shoots: one sunny and silly, one sexy and sultry. Here are some sneak peeks from our adventure!


How cute are these two–seriously?



Sun: now you see it…


…now you don’t. (Thank you, Chicago.)


But can we talk about the incredible mood set by the fog?


These two knew how to work it.


In case you couldn’t tell how thick the fog was. (Usually, there’s a city back there.)


And, don’t worry, the balloons still got to make an appearance. These were taken 20 minutes AFTER sunset, and I love them.