April 11, 2010

Kathleen & Mark

Last night, I photographed Kate and Mark in Lincoln Park. We met in the neighborhood where they used to live and where they had their first kiss. Then, we just walked. Those are really my favorite sessions. We walked and–when we saw something that looked cool–we took photos. Sometimes, that meant sneaking into someone’s garage and, sometimes, that meant sitting near a photo of a giant pickle. Either way, they were up for it. And, to me, that’s all that matters. I couldn’t ask for two better clients or two nicer people. That’s when (as they say) the magic happens.

I’m not sure you could take a bad photo of these two:

We found LOTS of color. Swoon.

One of my favorites:

Mark knew how to work “sexy face.” Of course, I had to bug him about it.

Can I live on this stoop? With that tree? And that light?

The most beautiful garage (and couple) we’ve ever seen: