September 22, 2014

Kathryn & Family :: Chicago Family Photos


It’s always fun–and challenging–shooting photos with a big family. Everyone has a mind of their own, and it can be difficult to get a shot with everyone looking, well, like they should look.

So, when Kathryn asked me to shoot her family photos, it was a comfort to know that she, too, is a photographer, and she knows how tough it can be.

The upside of shooting with another photographer’s family, though, is that you can be sure there will be lots of color, lots of sass, and plenty of freedom. This was the case at this weekend’s shoot. Kathryn didn’t want the typical family photos; she wanted something a little more edgy–a little more urban. Enter: Goose Island and the most fabulous yellow doors in all of Chicagoland!

This is a favorite spot of mine, and I haven’t shot here in a couple of years. However, when Kathryn described the look she was going for, I knew this fit the bill.

As much energy as it took, I had a blast shooting this family! Here are the colorful–and lively–sneak peeks!


How cute are they, seriously?!


A family that has fun together…




Kathryn wanted a few shots with her camera, and I was happy to oblige! Always happy to work with another photog!


It’s easy to see where the gals get all of their sass. 🙂