July 25, 2010

Kit and Mikey

Kit and Mikey were married this past Friday in Tinley Park. I was looking forward to their big day because I knew there would be many familiar faces! A few months ago, I shot Kit’s brother’s wedding, too. The day was going perfectly and then, when we walked outside of the church after the ceremony, we could tell it was about to storm. After a quick change of plans, we decided to skip right to wedding party photos and save the family pictures for later. We went to the Tinley Park Metra station for photographs. The weather was getting worse very quickly. As soon as I took my first photo of Kit and Mikey, a powerline blew up. Then another. And then another. Needless to say, we weren’t doing photos as planned. The great thing about these two is that they were happy to roll with the punches. We made our away to Dinolfo’s, their reception venue, and decided we’d work with that building as much as possible. We got some lovely photos and we didn’t get blown away. It was a success!

Their puppy was hanging out with the girls while they got dressed.

I LOVE this picture of Kit:

A couple from the ceremony:

Kit’s cute sisters/ladies of honor:

ADORE these:

In the middle of dinner, Kit heard that–as a result of the storm–the sky was full of color. We ran out to catch a quick glimpse:

These two had the most entertaining Djs I’ve EVER seen. They had no less than 5 costumes and dance routines, including this number from Blues Brothers. They were a HUGE hit.

The garter toss was intense:

And lastly, a special wedding guest made a surprise appearance: