May 16, 2010

Lady May & Ryan

That’s the funny thing about weddings. Usually, the couple gets married and then… they don’t see each other for the next 5 hours. There are hundres of guests–people you haven’t seen for years–and the bride and groom end up working different sides of the room. Sometimes, they come together for a first dance. Sometimes, they come together to cut the cake. However, Lady May and Ryan were different. These two were, literally, hand-in-hand all night long. It was adorable. These two are so obviously crazy about each other. I hope that shows–even a bit–in their photos. (And thanks to Jake from JPP Studios for 2nd shooting with me!)


Jake caught this emotional moment as Ryan saw Lady May coming down the aisle. (I hope Ryan doesn’t kill me for posting this.)

Old St. Pat’s:

I loved these personalized Jones Soda bottles (especially the one with their e-pic):

The BEAUTIFUL bride:

LOVE this shot:

Can you believe these were taken in the back of a trolley?

Another great shot by Jake:

A segway tour passed as the guys were taking photos.

And then Jake snapped this when none of us girls were looking:

May and Ryan did a lovely first dance:

I’m IN LOVE with this series from the toasts:

And, the last one from the night: