November 11, 2010

Lady May, Ryan & Goose Island

I’ve been wanting to do a shoot that juxtaposes a beautiful couple with swanky garb with an urban and gritty setting. May and Ryan were willing to play along with my little photo fantasy!

We spent a long time talking about what they should wear, what we should bring and where we should shoot. Finally, we settled on Goose Island. I’ve been wanting to shoot there for a very long time, and I hope to shoot there again soon. There were more photography possibilities than I could hit up in ten portrait sessions!

May and Ryan were up for anything. They also understood that we were shooting with a very specific “look” in mind. I think that envisioning your portrait session in this way can really make a huge difference! Don’t just pick out a nice pair of jeans and a sweater. Pick a theme, a look, a feeling! Here are some awesome images that were the result of doing that kind of pre-session work.

Also, I want to give a special thanks to Kate of Kathleen Thame Photography for helping me shoot and for hauling around a bundle of yellow balloons on a very windy afternoon!

Is May fierce or what?

Seriously beautiful!

A train in the middle of the road? Only on Goose Island!

I LOVE this shot. Though, May was giggling when I told her, “just keep tucking your hair behind your ear over and over again.” Something you’ll hear me say a lot during photo sessions: “Trust me and just DO IT.”