April 24, 2011

Lindsay & Anu :: Lincoln Park Engagement Photos

Lindsay and Anu have the kind of bicoastal romance that movies are made of. She goes to graduate school in Boston; he works in San Francisco. It only makes sense that they’d meeting in the middle for their engagement photos and their wedding, right? Enter Chicago.

As most of you know, April is living up to its rainy expectations. The past couple of weeks have been gloomy, cold, and wet. I’ve had to cancel a few shoots and, since Lindsay and Anu were flying to Chicago just for their photos, I was worried the weather may put a damper on their shoot, too. However, we got lucky! We ended up shooting on one of the only sunny days we’ve had in a long while.

I met these two at North Pond. It’s no secret that this is one of my favorite places in the city (for photos and for peace). In fact, I just shot Bridget and Jim’s photos there last weekend. It can be a challenge to try to make the same spot feel brand new, but I just try my best to let the couple’s personalities and style guide the shoot. These two were timeless and romantic. Each time they walked away from me, Anu put his arm around Lindsay’s back. I hope these pictures represent a small part of that.

I usually try to avoid the sun, but I like how saturated the color is in these shots.

Is Anu handsome or what?

Lindsay is gorgeous, too!

You know I love a quick outfit change.

We shot right before dusk. So, really, this is the kind of soft light I was looking for. See how much it differs from the photos in bright sunlight? Love these.