July 6, 2009

M & N Part II

Here is the last round of photos from this fabulous 2-day event. I really enjoyed being a part of such a beautiful ceremony and wish these two the very, very best. As you can see, they were one of the most beautiful wedding couples I’ve ever shot.

Getting ready:

Couldn’t help but post all of these. There are so many AMAZING portraits of M.

Getting ready (the boy version):

LOVE this one:

During the ceremony, the girls steal the groom’s shoes. If he wants them back, he has to pay up:

This is probably my favorite shot of the day. At the end of the evening, there is a very emotional “passing” of the bride. There was a huge crowd outside waiting for M & N to leave (in a carriage)! I just held my camera up and shot into the crowd just in time to catch M’s final hug with her mom. So, so sweet.