May 25, 2009

Meg & Justin’s Engagement Shoot

Okay. I realize that saying this may curse me forever. But… this may just be my FAVORITE engagement shoot EVER. C’mon. Tell me you don’t agree.

The thing is, I’ve never met Meg and Justin. They live in Atlanta and are having a Chicago wedding in July. We booked over the phone. But they are the coolest clients ever. And they are SO into each other. I mean, really. They are the kind of couple that can’t stop laughing. In fact, they laughed to the point of tears several times during our shoot.

We shot at Garfield Conservatory–it is becoming a favorite location. The light was perfect (thanks to clouds), Meg’s hair played off of her bright blue shirt, they were completely comfortable and were up for anything and… did I mention they were WAY into each other?


I *love* this photo. Of course, I also love Converse. But Meg and Justin really dressed to fit THEIR style and the clothes say something about their personalities.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that there was a series of really artistic benches engraved with a Stevens poem?